5 Ways to Not Work on Your Day Off

We've all been there. Whether its a 3-day weekend or a planned vacation, so many of us have trouble taking a break from work when we have time off. When you have the opportunity to take a break from work, it can sometimes be tough to actually spend the time, ya know, not working. You many feel ... READ the POST

The Key to Self Protection

If you read the words self-protection and got an image of a shield and armor defending you, you are definitely on the right track. Self protection is the practice of knowing your boundaries and creating your own space to feel emotionally safe, to shield yourself against the negativity, toxicity ... READ the POST

The Difference Between Self Love and Vanity

Ever heard of the story of Narcissus? Narcissus was avidly known for being handsome and he was quite proud of his physical appearance. Narcissus was so infatuated with his good looks, that when he saw his reflection in the water, he fell in love with it and fell in the water! There's definitely ... READ the POST

How to Cope with Disappointment

This is one of most difficult feelings to feel. Disappointment can show up during any time in our lives. Disappointment doesn't discriminate, any person can experience that heavy "feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations or hope to manifest," ( I remember ... READ the POST

The Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance

Y'all, I've wanted to write this post for quite a while. On my own self-love journey, I have been wanting to get closer to that admirable feeling of confidence. While I have experienced many triumphs on this journey, I've come across quite a few challenges too. When someone identifies, personifies ... READ the POST