4 Ways to Practice Self Love

Self-love is an incredibly important part of taking care of yourself. Often times, self-care and self-love go hand in hand -- to routinely take care of yourself often involves prioritizing yourself and your needs. Sometimes when we have trouble showing ourselves love, we are also having trouble ... READ the POST

3 Ways to Take a Break from Adulting

I am convinced that there is a reason why childhood is so short. Childhood, in all of its essence, is time spent in innocence, playing, learning and most of all, having few responsibilities. Ah, the bliss of this moment in time. *happily sighs* Fast forward to adulthood and we are (rudely) ... READ the POST

The Difference Between Self Love and Vanity

Ever heard of the story of Narcissus? Narcissus was avidly known for being handsome and he was quite proud of his physical appearance. Narcissus was so infatuated with his good looks, that when he saw his reflection in the water, he fell in love with it and fell in the water! There's definitely ... READ the POST

3 Things Preventing You from Living Authentically

Why is being and living as your true self so . . . revolutionary? When we discover what our self-care needs are, sometimes we think about where authenticity fits in. To be authentic means to be worthy of acceptance or belief as conforming to or based on fact. (Merriam-Webster) We, as a people, are ... READ the POST

How to Cope with Disappointment

This is one of most difficult feelings to feel. Disappointment can show up during any time in our lives. Disappointment doesn't discriminate, any person can experience that heavy "feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations or hope to manifest," ( I remember ... READ the POST