3 Self-Care Practices You Need in Your Routine

Has your self-care routine felt a little incomplete or unbalanced lately? Here at, we see self-care as the acts and behaviors that help you show up as your best self and your self-care practice as the intentional practice of identifying and addressing your needs on a regular ... READ the POST

3 Ways to Take a Break from Adulting

I am convinced that there is a reason why childhood is so short. Childhood, in all of its essence, is time spent in innocence, playing, learning and most of all, having few responsibilities. Ah, the bliss of this moment in time. *happily sighs* Fast forward to adulthood and we are (rudely) ... READ the POST

4 Journaling Ideas to Help You Be More Productive

I think many people are trying to find the secret to being more productive. Many folks Google ways to maximum time, increase results and get it all done before the end of the day. We here even have a blog on how to practice self-care when you're short on time. One way to be productive that is ... READ the POST

How to Cope with Disappointment

This is one of most difficult feelings to feel. Disappointment can show up during any time in our lives. Disappointment doesn't discriminate, any person can experience that heavy "feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations or hope to manifest," ( I remember ... READ the POST