3 Ways You Can Start Setting Boundaries (Better)

Setting and maintaining boundaries is an essential part of our self-care. It is also one of the toughest self-care practices to do if you have trouble saying no. Boundaries are the limits and expectations we set to keep ourselves safe, as well as what we need to protect our sense of balance. Our ... READ the POST

5 Ways to Not Work on Your Day Off

We've all been there. Whether its a 3-day weekend or a planned vacation, so many of us have trouble taking a break from work when we have time off. When you have the opportunity to take a break from work, it can sometimes be tough to actually spend the time, ya know, not working. You many feel ... READ the POST

4 Ways to Practice Self Love

Self-love is an incredibly important part of taking care of yourself. Often times, self-care and self-love go hand in hand -- to routinely take care of yourself often involves prioritizing yourself and your needs. Sometimes when we have trouble showing ourselves love, we are also having trouble ... READ the POST

3 Self-Care Practices You Need in Your Routine

Has your self-care routine felt a little incomplete or unbalanced lately? Here at, we see self-care as the acts and behaviors that help you show up as your best self and your self-care practice as the intentional practice of identifying and addressing your needs on a regular ... READ the POST

The Key to Managing Your Stress

Managing stress has been an ongoing conversation amongst hard-working people. Stress can be defined as: moments of time and feelings that come up when we feel an immense amount of pressure in our lives. Stress, in its essence, is a typical and quite natural response to life's events and transitions. ... READ the POST

4 Self-Care Ideas to Start Your Day

I am, without a doubt, a morning person. Remember in the Disney movie, Frozen, when little Anna told her sister, "When the sky is awake, I'm awake!" Me too Anna, me too. Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, most of us have to greet the sun and get ready for the day in the morning. And how ... READ the POST