The Key to Managing Your Stress

Managing stress has been an ongoing conversation amongst hard-working people. Stress can be defined as: moments of time and feelings that come up when we feel an immense amount of pressure in our lives. Stress, in its essence, is a typical and quite natural response to life's events and transitions. ... READ the POST

5 Self-Care Ideas for Entrepreneurs

One of my very first career aspirations was owning my own business. I dreamed of all of the creative energy I could put into something of my very own. Ah, what a dream it was/is. As I got older and learned more about what it means to be an entrepreneur, I was face-to-face with the reality that ... READ the POST

3 Self-Care Ideas for Introverts

The word "introvert" stems from the word "inward". When we think of how we receive energy, people who identify as introverted typically receive their energy from turning "inward" and recharging themselves with their own internal strengths. Introversion is defined as the state of being wholly or ... READ the POST

3 Ways to Organize Anxious Thoughts

Nervousness always kicks in for me before trying something new. Whether I'm starting something brand new or participating in an activity that I've never done before, I. get. nervous. Recently, I drove to a new restaurant to meet up with some friends in the city. Even with all of the GPS prompts in ... READ the POST

4 Reasons Why Conflict Can Be a Good Thing

Argument. Disagreement. Fight. Debate. Whichever word you choose to use, conflict shows up in nearly all of our relationships. Conflict can stem from a misunderstanding, a miscommunication, dishonesty or boundary-issues. Conflict can be caused by one action or series of actions that leads to one or ... READ the POST

The First Step in Creating Healthy Boundaries

Building healthy boundaries in relationships is hard work. Recognizing your boundaries, creating space to establish them and maintaining the boundaries you have put in place is a process that requires attention, energy and an abundance of self-awareness. Especially when maintaining healthy ... READ the POST