How to Cope with Disappointment

This is one of most difficult feelings to feel. Disappointment can show up during any time in our lives. Disappointment doesn't discriminate, any person can experience that heavy "feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations or hope to manifest," ( I remember ... READ the POST

The Difference Between Being Insecure and Having Insecurities

I absolutely love the episodic adventures of Issa, Molly and company on HBO'sĀ Insecure. There are many reasons why this show resonates with me, but one of the biggest reasons is because as the title says, it highlights, explains and shows how young professionals manage insecurity in adulthood. In ... READ the POST

How to Begin Setting Boundaries While Dating

How many first date 'taboos' can you think of? "Don't sleep together on the first date." "Don't talk about politics or religion on the first date." "If the first date is 'bad', there's no potential here." These topics have become 'taboo' topics that determine how we are to behave when choosing ... READ the POST

3 Ways to Create Your Self-Care Plan

When you think of self-care, what comes to mind? If you thought of going into a downward dog, eating a bowl full of kale and waking up to meditate, you're not alone. While healthy eating and physical exercise are helpful practices when taking care of yourself, let's look into the self-care basics ... READ the POST