3 Ways You Can Start Setting Boundaries (Better)

Setting and maintaining boundaries is an essential part of our self-care. It is also one of the toughest self-care practices to do if you have trouble saying no. Boundaries are the limits and expectations we set to keep ourselves safe, as well as what we need to protect our sense of balance. Our ... READ the POST

5 Ways to Not Work on Your Day Off

We've all been there. Whether its a 3-day weekend or a planned vacation, so many of us have trouble taking a break from work when we have time off. When you have the opportunity to take a break from work, it can sometimes be tough to actually spend the time, ya know, not working. You many feel ... READ the POST

3 Tips to Productively Work From Home

If you are new to working from home, you may have a few questions as to how to make the most out of taking care of your professional responsibilities. For many of us, our homes are a mix of comfortable, distracting, busy and relaxing places to be. If you are used to working away from home, in an ... READ the POST

3 Ways to Take a Break from Adulting

I am convinced that there is a reason why childhood is so short. Childhood, in all of its essence, is time spent in innocence, playing, learning and most of all, having few responsibilities. Ah, the bliss of this moment in time. *happily sighs* Fast forward to adulthood and we are (rudely) ... READ the POST

The Key to Self Protection

If you read the words self-protection and got an image of a shield and armor defending you, you are definitely on the right track. Self protection is the practice of knowing your boundaries and creating your own space to feel emotionally safe, to shield yourself against the negativity, toxicity ... READ the POST

The Difference Between Venting & Complaining

Ever have a friend or coworker that repeatedly shares how frustrated they are with this, or how irritated they are by that? I'll be honest -- sometimes I find that the person exclaiming about the same problem over and over again is . . . me. (*whispers* Is it sometimes you too? No judgement, let's ... READ the POST