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Looking to follow some awesome social media accounts that focus on self-care? Check out these accounts that offer great inspiration, tips and tools for practicing self-care on a daily basis!

39582207_2196654670362793_9032203381812232192_nRobyn, the creator of WellSoul Wellness, believes that self-care is the affirmation and cultivation of resilience. She finds that self-care never demands perfection or certainty, but it invites us to pause, look within and courageously move with inspired action, as self-care reflects who we are and teaches us how we show up honoring ourselves and others.

Through WellSoul Wellness, Robyn offers a collection of trauma-informed events, retreats and coaching services designed to bring forth healing and elevation in the lives and work of healers, activists, change-makers and everyday heroes desiring soul-centered wellness. She offers Soul-Care Cards, custom-made card decks, affirming self-care practices and more. With WellSoul Wellness, Robyn is focused on helping guide her clients back home to themselves.

40301509_346539632755574_7387488283359444992_n.jpgAundrea Harris| @educateredshow

Growth agent, author, educator and host of the EduCaterEd Podcast, Aundrea Harris, defines self-care as creating the time to check-in with yourself — knowing who you are, what you want, what you need and why you need it.

Her podcast is a series of conversations catered to women educators such as: teachers, mentors, coaches, group facilitators, mentors, principals and more. EduCaterEd is designed to remind women in educator roles not to neglect self-care. Each episode of the podcast covers topics such as stress management, mindfulness, and self-care tools to prevent burn out. Grab your favorite cup of coffee and prepare to be energized as EduCaterEd caters to the growth of educators!

28154411_183462402430538_2433985347059712000_nLatrelle | @ibrownsugar_

Self-care and lifestyle blogger, Latrelle’s definition of self-care is making a conscious effort to care for the whole you: mind, body and spirit. She aims to encourage and motivate millennial women to put themselves at the top of their to-do list on a daily basis.

Head over to her website,, to gain insight into what self-care is and why it’s important. You can subscribe to her newsletter for inspiration for self-care and mental wellness tips and visit her website to read her self-care and lifestyle blogs. On her account, you can participate in ‘Wine Down Wednesdays‘, where you help decide on a popular topic to dive into and discuss!

42604016_1659042937535158_4672524986089472_nJoanna Njama | @themelanatedmaven

Self-care blogger, Joanna Njama, believes self-care is another active way to demonstrate self-worth and confidence. To her, self-care is being able to listen to what the mind, body, and soul needs and taking the necessary steps to trust your intuition and follow-through. In practicing self-care, Joanna believes that “you show yourself that you are important enough to seek change in your circumstances if you aren’t happy with your life.”

Her account, The Melanated Maven Self-Care Sessions, is a sacred space to provide inspiration and motivation for women, especially women of color, struggling to make themselves a priority. Her website and blog are are full of easy, step-by-step resources such as guides, lists, downloadable worksheets and a self-care e-book. Joanna wants women to recognize the power we have in ourselves to change our perspectives and create the life we want!

liv.jpgOlivia Taylor | @livfreeworkhard

Coach Olivia finds self-care to mean “being in the receptive mode for good energy and attracting positive energy into the mind and body through wellness.

Her account is meant to give women the belief and power to make change in their life and to provide them with an outlet to do so through workouts, nutrition and personal development mindset training.

kateKate, Trust and Pixie Dust | @katearosee

Self-care to blogger and college student, Kate, is an essential part of her daily life. To her, self-care is “how we manage our daily stresses and messes without losing ourselves or running ourselves down. Self-care is what keeps us going.”

Her account is aspiring to show this — her account and blog are places where she talks about her own journey with self-care and tries to pass on the lessons she has learned. She shares her failures and her successes. Kate hopes that her account is helpful to others by “demonstrating that self-care isn’t always an easy journey, but that you are never alone and there is no right or wrong way to self-care. There is only self-improvement.”

self love clubSelf Love Club |

The Self Love Club finds self-care to be one of the most important things you can give yourself, because no one else can do this for you. Their account is about focusing on what you can do to be self-loving and what will help and motivate you throughout the day, with a special focus on self-empowerment and meditation.

This account brings a sense of peace to some and motivates others to not give up and keep fighting!

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