Finding Professional Help

If you are deciding to begin or return to therapy, check out the options below to help assist in your search for support:

If you are located in Atlanta, Georgia and are interested in in-person counseling services with Michelle, visit or schedule a free phone consultation by clicking here.

Therapist & Counseling Directories:

Therapist Directory: Therapy for Black Girls

Inclusive Therapists

Open Path Psychotherapy Collective

Black Female Therapists Directory

Therapy for Black Men


Collier Counseling

Bianca Hughes, LPC

Inspyre You

Keisha Reaves, LPC

Tameika Cheek, LPC

Humble Reflections Counseling, LLC

Beauty in the Balance, LLC

The Brookhaven Center

Wholeheart Psychotherapy


She Is Strong And Mindful

Changing Perspectives

Great Lakes Therapy Center


The Sisters’ Couch (Detroit)

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