Self Explore, Self Restore Reviews

“This self-care journal is so easy to use. It flows very well and makes it easy to be consistent. Self Explore, Self Restore is suitable for all journal stages -from beginner to advanced (if that is even a thing lol). It sits on my coffee table for quick access and the cover also make the perfect “eye candy” or statement piece for those coffee and journaling Instagram posts. Thanks G. Michelle! I love it!” Niq | January 2019

“Self care can be daunting, especially if you’ve never made a habit of it. Michelle has created a brilliant and approachable tool to practice self care. Anyone who picks up this book could benefit from it’s relaxed, yet inspiring nature. Thank you, Michelle! I’ve already purchased a copy for a friend!” Michael | January 2019


“My intent has been to journal more frequently, but sometimes I put my pen to the paper and don’t know what to write. I love that this journal offers writing prompts to help me explore the hidden parts of myself. So excited to dig even further into this journal, because its already been so helpful for my healing.” | Atiya, December 2018

“What an incredible way to show love to yourself. This guide has been a welcoming and awesome tool in my self care toolkit. I highly recommend this journal for other HSPs (highly sensitive people) such as teachers, therapists, psychologists, child care workers, police officers, etc. The shipping was fast and timely, seller was very responsive, and book came in mint condition. Highly recommended by a trauma-informed therapist and educator from Kansas City! | Mrs. Fletcher, October 2018

“This journal is designed to guide you through understanding yourself and developing a healthy relationship with yourself. I have only just begun using this journal and I am loving it. This is a must have in your self-care growth tools!” | Aundrea, October 2018

“This is a wonderful book for those who need help in exploring themselves.  A great self help journal that provides awesome prompts. Its a journal with a guide to help you on your way. I can see this being used in a group therapy setting as a work book for those in the beginning stages.” | Jo, September 2018

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“I really enjoy using this journal because it has great prompts that change every day including lists and drawing prompts. It is well thought-out and is truly following self care practices with the freedom to skip a page and come back to it. I would definitely recommend Self Explore, Self Restore.” | Hannah, September 2018

“When showing up for yourself gets tough this journal is a great guide on how to get back to YOU. It’s filled with exercises that may help you on your journey to being the most authentic you, you can be. I suggest it for all ages, as an advocate for young girls I loved sharing this with my mentees. I cannot wait to see more from this author.” | Amazon Customer, August 2018

“I love this journal. It’s a must-have for anyone seeking a deeper relationship with themselves or on a journey of self-discovery. I am discovering things about myself that I never gave much thought to…and I am loving it. Men, don’t allow the cover to keep you from purchasing this book. It’s not geared toward women only, you will love it too.” | Ebonee, August 2018

Self Explore, Self Restore is available for purchase on here!



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