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We are spreading the good word of self-care, self-love and healthy relationships! Scroll below to read more on our workshops, features and the groups we have had the pleasure of working with!

April 2021:

I am incredibly honored to be featured alongside my sisters for this year’s South Atlantic regional conference: Inaugural Author’s Showcase! I can’t wait to talk about my first book, Self Explore, Self Restore, with the South Atlantic members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

March 2021:

Has your self-care become non-negotiable lately? Join myself and the creator of the Seek the Joy Podcast, Sydney Weiss, as we discuss all things prioritizing self-care and not allowing guilt to get in the way.

February 2021:

What misconceptions do you have about self-care? In the latest episode of the Trust & Thrive podcast, host Tara Mont and I discuss what self-care is (and what it isn’t), toxic positivity, self-care as a privilege and so much more!

We were honored to be speak at the 2021 Black Maternal Health Summit, hosted by the Georgia Chapter of Postpartum International! This year’s virtual summit is focused on supporting & uplifting Black Mothers and their mental health during and after childbirth. Learn the basics of postpartum depression & anxiety, how to engage Black Men in the postpartum period, and tips to maintain mental wellness during a pandemic while pregnant or postpartum.

Do you consider your self-care to be a personal investment? I loved breaking this down with the host of The Yellow Room podcast, Nika Hanson, for her self-care series!

LeNaya Smith-Crawford discussed one of the most challenging self-love topics out there — how to show yourself self-love while you’re healing. If you’ve been having trouble showing up for yourself lately, I have a strong feeling that this chat is just what you’re looking for.

To break down how to love ourselves more, flaws and all, we talked to the perfectionist therapist herself, the amazing Bianca Hughes, LPC! Bianca is the owner of the Authentically Be You Counseling, creator of the Authentic Wednesdays podcast and a true expert on how to overcome the pressure of being perfect.

Karlyn Benn, Licensed Professional Counselor, Body Love Coach and the owner of Inspyre You discussed all things Body Positivity, Body Acceptance and how to show your body the love it deserves.

Ivy Watts is an incredible mental health advocate, public speaker and the owner of Athlete Minds Matter. Ivy talked to us about the basics of self-love, what it means to include self-love into your self-care and so much more.

Instagram Live IG Series: Heart to Heart – Self-Love Edition

Throughout the month of February 2021, we’re taking a deeper look into how you can include (a lot) more self-loving into your self-care practice. Every Friday at 1:00 PM EST, you are invited to the special self-love edition of our Heart to Heart: IG Live series! We will be chatting with 4 (absolutely incredible!) self-love experts on the different ways you can mindfully include self-love into your self-care practice. You can expect to learn all about the self-love basics, body positivity, perfectionism, healing and more!

January 2021:

Balanced Black Girl Guided Membership Community

The members of the online membership community, Guided, participated in a virtual self-care workshop on ways to create and update their self-care routines to match their current reality. In this workshop, participants learned about how to update your self-care practice to best fit your current needs.

In this workshop, participants discussed different ways to self-reflect, how to practically create more space for yourself and the types of self-care that often get forgotten about in the hustle and bustle of busy life.

Rutgers University School of Environmental & Biological Sciences Educational Opportunity Fund (SEBS EOF)

Students and alumni of the Rutgers University School of Environmental & Biological Sciences Educational Opportunity Fund (SEBS EOF) participated in two Gmichelle self-care workshops for their 2021 Winter Wellness Retreat!

Students and alumni participated in two virtual self-care workshops: Taking the Best Care of You and Pouring Into You. In these workshops, participants discussed noticing how your body experiences stress and how to create a self-care practice that helps you show up as your best self.

Smart from the Start

Participants of the Smart from the Start program engage in a monthly self-care workshop called “Catch Your Breath”. Each participant has the opportunity to check-in, journal and process their feelings regarding their daily self-care routines in a safe, virtual environment. Topics included in this workshop series include: finding ways to rest, setting and maintaining boundaries and taking care of yourself in guilt-free ways.

December 2020:

Michigan College Access Network

The college advisors from the Michigan College Access Network participated in my virtual workshop, Taking the Best Care of You: Self-Care for Educators. In this workshop, we discussed ways to treat self-care and stress management as a daily practice, as well as the impact of the 2020 pandemic on our mental health. From discussing ways to organize tasks to finding opportunities to rest, there are many ways self-care can become a practical part of a busy helper’s life.

ProInspire National Non Profit Organization

The ProInspire team participated in my virtual workshop on all things self-care for helping professionals called, “Helping the Helpers”. In this workshop, we discuss the complexity that many helping professionals face in recognizing burnout, compassion fatigue and secondary trauma. I can’t wait to continue our work together in our next workshop, where we will create individual self-care plans and discuss practical strategies to best take care of this incredible group of leaders!

Get Schooled National Non Profit Organization

The Get Schooled team participated in my virtual self-care workshop, “Taking the Best Care of You: Self Care for Educators” to learn ways to navigate the impact of this pandemic and prioritize their self-care. Together, we broke down the myths of what self-care is (and what it isn’t!) and encouraged helping professionals to take care of themselves in practical, healthy ways.

Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta: Caring for the Caregivers Virtual Panel

Caretakers of adult parents have had a lot on their plate this year. I was happy to facilitate the “Caring for the Caregiver” virtual panel and community discussion hosted by the Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta. In this virtual panel, we discussed the importance of supporting the needs of caregivers and offer concrete tools and resources that will enable women in a caretaking role to prioritize their own well-being.

View the recording of this virtual panel by clicking here

Farewell 2020: Free 5-Day Journaling Challenge

Are you ready to say goodbye to 2020? 👋🏾⠀

This year has really been ALL the things. So as we enter it’s final month, end your 2020 intentionally with our 5-day journaling challenge, Farewell 2020! From 12/14 – 12/19 you will 5 receive creative and reflective journaling prompts to encourage you to think about how 2020 impacted you, reflect on the new things you learned about yourself this year and find hope & joy in preparing for 2021! Click here to sign up today!

November 2020:

Education Forward DC

Educators from the Education Forward DC participated in my self-care workshop, “Navigating the Unexpected”. This workshop discussed practical ways to interrupt habits that increase stress, discussed how to prevent professional burnout and explored helpful ways to include self-care practices into their daily routine.

Raise Your Hands Texas Scholarship Program

Scholarship participants of the Raise Your Hands Texas Scholarship Program participated in the Taking the Best Care of Your: Self-Care for College Students. In this workshop, we take a closer look into how college students have been impacted by the 2020 pandemic and their virtual learning experience. This workshop with focus on finding healthy ways to managing feelings of stress, ‘Zoom fatigue’ and how to create a practical self-care plan.

October 2020:

Thank you so much to the Passion & Growth team for featuring Self Explore, Self Restore in their October 2020 subscription box!

Passion & Growth is a subscription box service that ships self-care goodies and encouragement to their subscribers every month. The Self Explore, Self Restore guided journal was an excellent fit to share for this month’s theme: Be Resilient!

Wells Fargo Regional Foundation Unconference

This year’s theme for the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation Unconference is “Belonging in Times of Change”! The community partners with Wells Fargo have coordinated an ‘unconference’ virtual experience for members of their community to exchange ideas informally. Gmichelle thrilled to be a part of this event!

This Gmichelle workshop will closing the unconference with exploring how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our mental health and ways to manage stress through self-care practices.

September 2020:

Authentically Be You Podcast

Episode 44: When the Helper Has to Ask for Help

In this episode, Michelle Goodloe shares her experience of the steps she had to take to ask for help and let go the mask of “Perfect Michelle”. She takes us through her stresses of not resting, over-performing and pressures as a millennial Black woman. She discusses the value of managing your time and doing the work to bring herself to a place of self-care and rest.


National College Attainment Network Annual Conference

Navigating the Unexpected: Self-Care Practice for Coping During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Professionals working, advising and supporting students during the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak are faced with a number of unique challenges. Amongst those challenges is the increased risk of experiencing burn out, compassion fatigue and trouble creating space for self-care. In this workshop, attendees will reflect on what their unique needs are while adapting to social distancing, sheltering-in-place and adjusting personal and professional expectations during this time. Attendees will engage in mindfulness practices, journaling prompts and explore ideas to create space to best take care of themselves.

(Workshop Facilitator)

ProInspire Sept

“Caring for Yourself & Others” Two-Part Workshop Series with ProInspire.

Caring for Yourself & Others is a two-part workshop centered on self-care, allyship, and healing from racial based trauma. Over the course of two afternoons, participants will explore self-care best practices and tools, participate in racial identity caucuses and affinity breakouts, and create their own self-care action plan.

(Workshop Co-Facilitator)

IG Post

Join us on IG Live every Friday in September at 12:00 PM EST for our Heart to Heart Self-Care Series! Each week, we will be featuring a self-care expert on special topics to help you best take care of yourself!

August 2020:


No Sugar Added Podcast: Raw Conversations About Self-Employment

Episode 08: Separating Your Self Worth From Your Work


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July 2020:


Emotional Exchange

Self Care and Activism

(Panel Speaker)

Smart from the Start - EDIT

Smart from the Start

Journaling & Self Care

(Workshop Facilitator)

June 2020:

image0 (1)

Sisters of Yoga

Virtual Workshop Series: Journaling for Self-Care

(Workshop Facilitator)


New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence 18th Annual Conference | Virtual Conference

Helping the Helper: Identifying and Addressing The Impact of Compassion Fatigue and Secondary Trauma on Helping Professionals

(Conference Workshop Facilitator)

May 2020:

Smart from the Start - EDIT

Smart from the Start

Mother’s Day: Self-Care Journaling Workshops for Moms At-Home

(Workshop Facilitator)

April 2020:



April Lunch & Learn: Self-Care & Privilege during COVID-19 Pandemic 

(Workshop Facilitator)

March 2020:

Hey Black Gurl

Hey Black Gurl Podcast | The Key to Saying No


The Millennial Social Work Conference | Atlanta, Georgia


February 2020:


Routine & Things: Rock Your Routine Facebook Live Event

Realistic Self-Care for Moms

January 2020:


Envision: An Intimate Workshop for Women of Color | Atlanta, Georgia



Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta’s Professional Development Day | Atlanta, Georgia

Writing Your Destiny: Journaling for Emotional Wellness

(Workshop Facilitator)

December 2019:

For Love Only

For Love Only Podcast Interview

The Difference Between Responding and Reacting

were okay

We’re Okay Fam — Self-Care Feature

November 2019:


Interview with Dialosophy: The Black Superwoman Syndrome & Self-Care: How to Care for Yourself When You’re Drowning

October 2019:


Jazmine Duke’s Sisterhood Brunch | Atlanta, Georgia

(Self-Exploration Workshop Facilitator)

September 2019:

Epiosode016Featuring Michelle Goodloe

Shades of Strong Podcast Interview: Taking Care of Yourself In and Out of “Crisis Season”

July 2019:


Tea Time with Tajuana: The Power of Reinventing Yourself with Michelle White Interview

June 2019:

Womens Self Care 5_16_19

Self-Care Saturday: A Women’s Health & Fitness Empowerment Day | Atlanta, Georgia


May 2019:


Dream Create Inspire Tour | Atlanta, Georgia


April 2019:


Voyage ATL Interview

Goddess Brunch

Goddess Brunch: Wealth & Wellness | Doraville, Georgia



National Association of Black Social Workers Annual Conference | Atlanta, Georgia (Atlanta Chapter Vendor Booth)


Polish Your Crown Women’s Conference | Stone Mountain, Georgia


March 2019:

Michelle - Joy Corner

Seek the Joy | Joy Corner Interview


The Millennial Social Worker Conference | Atlanta, Georgia

(Workshop Presenter)


Wellness Glow Up Podcast Interview | Making Self-Care More Accessible

February 2019:


Black Women Sharing Feature


The Crowning Self-Care Workshop 101: Create Your Self-Care Toolkit | Atlanta, Georgia



Balanced Black Girl Podcast Interview | Making Self-Care Accessible with Michelle White

January 2019:


#SheStillBlooms Vision Board Party | Atlanta, Georgia

(Self-Care Action Co-Leader and Vendor)

December 2018:

Dani Authentic: Gift Guide for Your Goals

October 2018:

Black Girl Bloomin’ | Bloom, Sis Feature

EduCaterEd Podcast Interview: Creating a Healthy Relationship with Self

September 2018:

Black Girls in Social Work

August 2018:

Honey Be Natural: Queen of the Safe Space

Decatur Book Festival: Emerging Writers & Local Poets

Black Sole Heeling: Melanin & Soul Segment

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