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March 2019:


The Millennial Social Worker Conference | Atlanta, Georgia

(Workshop Presenter)

February 2019:


The Crowning Self-Care Workshop 101: Create Your Self-Care Toolkit | Atlanta, Georgia



Balanced Black Girl Podcast Interview | Making Self-Care Accessible with Michelle White

January 2019:


#SheStillBlooms Vision Board Party | Atlanta, Georgia

(Self-Care Action Co-Leader and Vendor)

December 2018:

Dani Authentic: Gift Guide for Your Goals

October 2018:

Black Girl Bloomin’ | Bloom, Sis Feature

EduCaterEd Podcast Interview: Creating a Healthy Relationship with Self

September 2018:

Black Girls in Social Work

August 2018:

Honey Be Natural: Queen of the Safe Space

Decatur Book Festival: Emerging Writers & Local Poets

Black Sole Heeling: Melanin & Soul Segment