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Hey there!

I am so glad that you found this space. My name is Gennifer Michelle Goodloe (feel free to call me Michelle!) and I created gmichelle to fill a space in the self love, care and healing world for busy and caring folks who have experienced shame, frustration, difficulty and challenges on their journey to practicing daily self care.


I believe we are a busy people, who are overcoming and coping with the many challenges that life can bring. Our plates our full, our time is limited and a great deal of us are having trouble keeping up with all that’s in front of us.

With, I hope to invite folks into a caring and supportive space that doesn’t shame or blame, but uplifts us all in figuring out our next steps in living our best lives through practicing self-care and sharing information, resources and tools for overall wellness. 💗

When I’m not writing blogs and adding goodies to this website, I’m working as a licensed clinical social worker and trauma-informed counselor in Atlanta, Georgia.

If I had to narrow down my favorite self-care practices, they would be:

  • Listening to podcasts
  • Bullet journaling
  • Planning ‘staycations’
  • Reading self-discovery books
  • And spending quality time with my family

I hope in exploring this space, you find something helpful on your journey to taking better care of you. Thank you for stopping by!

You are welcome to follow us on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter or contact me directly via email at!

With care,

G. Michelle Goodloe

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