3 Reminders to Help Get Through Difficult Times

Sometimes, it helps when our self-care includes ways to pick ourselves up when we’re feeling down.

When we’re going through something difficult, coping with a tough situation or are just not feeling like our best selves, it helps to be reminded that we can and will get through this.

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In my own self-care, I have had to become more intentional with building in “pick-me-ups” to lean on when times were tough for me. There’s a good chance that you too would like to have reminders to help lift your spirits when adversity is keeping you company.

Below are a few reminders that you can lean on during life’s trying times:

“This is temporary.”

Many times when we are in the middle of a conflict, we can feel like it will never end. Be it an argument with a loved one, a misunderstanding at work or a failed venture that you put your heart  into, it helps to be reminded that your feelings regarding this situation are, in fact, temporary.

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Be reminded that you will feel better again, you will feel happy again and you will feel a sense of peace again. In recognizing that the conflicts we’re going through are temporary, this can give ourselves permission to fully feel what we’re feeling, validate ourselves, cope with the situation and then, move forward.

“I have what I need to get through this.”

Every once in a while, we need to hear that we are capable, equipped and strong enough to get through a difficult time.

In your self-care practice, be reminded that you do have the emotional tools, the creativity, the perseverance and the support to get through what you’re going through. While there will be life issues that challenge your feelings about what you are capable of doing, remind yourself that you can and you will get on the other side of this situation.

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“This isn’t perfect, and that’s okay.”

I can fully admit that I can feel frustrated, irritated and more than anything, disappointed when an event, an interaction or a project did not go perfectly. This reminder gives us grace to have some self-compassion around perfection.

Remind yourself that imperfection, mistakes and accidents are not signs that you are a failure — they are just parts of life that happen to all of us. Building our self-compassion around feelings of perfection helps soften the blow of disappointment and builds are emotional strength to bounce back.

Which reminders help you get through a difficult time?


    • Michelle says

      I agree Ashley! We can definitely grow stronger when get on the other side of our adversity. Thank you for sharing!

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