In Gratitude: A Letter to Moms

Hey there Mom,

I have been so hesitant to create a post about self-care and parenting. To me, parenting is one of the most difficult, full-time jobs a person can have. And when it comes to those kiddos, you are almost wired to put their needs before your own. That makes self-care especially difficult to do.

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Most of my career has been centered on the needs of children. I’ve worked directly with children and families for a number of years and I always say if you’re working with children, you’re working with parents. I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most loving, caring, hard-working, determined and exhausted moms, trying their best to care for their children.

As a daughter of an incredibly loving mother, who has done (and continues to lovingly do) so much to take care of me, I wanted to write this letter to you to say thank you.

Thank you for every meal you’ve prepared, every diaper you’ve changed and every late night you’ve spent loving on your children.

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Thank you for every dime you’ve spent, sacrifice you’ve made and difficult decision you’ve had to work through to care for your children.

Thank you for every lesson you’ve taught, tough talk you’ve had and for every boundary you’ve set with your children.

Thank you for every tear you’ve shed, every hug you’ve given and for every laugh you’ve shared with your children.

Being a mother is one of the most admirable, powerful and incredible roles that someone can fulfill. I want you to know that you are seen, heard and respected for all of the many things you do to make sure your children have what they need.

While self-care is without a doubt a practice that you deserve to be able to practice, I hope that you know that I created this space with you in mind.

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When you are able, have the time, have the energy, have the space, you practice self-care when you can. You not only deserve this care, but need this care. I hope that you continue to receive support and understanding on your parenting journey. Happy, happy Mother’s Day to you.

Mommie, I love you so much! 🙂

Yours in gratitude,




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