The Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance

Y’all, I’ve wanted to write this post for quite a while.

On my own self-love journey, I have been wanting to get closer to that admirable feeling of confidence. While I have experienced many triumphs on this journey, I’ve come across quite a few challenges too.

When someone identifies, personifies or glows with confidence, we typically think of a self-assured person that has high self-esteem and embodies a positive sense of self-worth.

A person who is confident :

  • Exercises assertiveness

  • Advocates for themselves and others

  • Values themselves and their worthiness

  • Is bold, strong and self-reflective

I have always admired women who are confident, as I attached characteristics such as fearlessness and bravery to being a confident person. My eyes get wide with excitement when I have the pleasure of speaking with a woman who knows herself well and isn’t afraid to share her opinion.

That being said, there is is a thin line between confidence and arrogance. On this spectrum of being self-assured, arrogance embodies a different, less captivating vibe.

To be arrogant means having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities. (

People who are arrogant rarely feel or believe that they are wrong. They often are boastful, self-indulgent and focused on only themselves. In relationship or friendship with a person who is arrogant, you can sometimes feel as though you are not able to express yourself or that you are not being listened to appropriately. Arrogance can block someone’s ability to deeply connect to someone else, due to their focus on themselves and their abilities.

The biggest difference between confidence and arrogance is our connection and appreciation for humility.

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Humility is a key component to our ability to become self-aware, self-reflective people. People who are confident do not mind admitting when they are wrong and are open to hearing and understanding the opinions of others. On the other hand, people who are arrogant take being wrong personally and may lash out or passively aggressively hurt others in the process.

If your self-love journey includes becoming more confident, consider:

  • Checking in on how you express and receive information
  • What your reactions are to being corrected
  • If your loved ones are able to be heard and appreciated by you
  • If your self-love is becoming self-importance and self-absorption

What do you believe are the differences between confidence and arrogance?



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