How to Creatively Practice Self-Care

Artists. Musicians. Singers. Dancers.

What do these professions all have in common? They are rooted in creativity!

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Creativity is an incredible part of our human experience, as its use can be artistic, expressive and productive. Most, if not all, of us are creatives ourselves. (No, seriously! We are!)

From what we choose to wear in the morning and what we foods we pair together to eat, to what songs we sing along to on the way to work and how we plan to spend our free time, we are actually in a constant state of creating.

Creativity is the use of the imagination or original ideas. (

In Dr. Brene Brown’s book, The Gifts of Imperfection, she explains that “the only unique contribution that we will ever make in the world will be born out of our creativity,” (page 96). When reading, I had to pause here: if you take a full, 360 degree spin around where you are right now, you can thank creativity for creating your space, your resources and your environment.


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Creativity and self-care are one in the same. With self-care being the way that we intentionally identify and care for our needs, creativity is essential in helping us effectively care for ourselves.

Tapping into your creativity can help you:

  • Freely express yourself, verbally or non-verbally

  • Feel the satisfaction and accomplishment of creating something

  • Find release in self-expression

  • Feel joy, excitement or relaxation from the process of creating

But what if you don’t feel creative? Sure creativity sounds great in theory, but sometimes we can feel disconnected from that creative side of us. It’s my pleasure to gently remind you of the many, many ways you too creatively care for yourself. Think of the many professions that thrive because of creativity: graphic designers, music producers, engineers, authors, interior designers, chefs . . . the list is endless!

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Try not to feel limited by the “traditional” ideas around creativity. There is no “one way” to be creative and one of the values of creating is there are few ways to do it wrong or right. The focus is just . . . doing.

Creativity is all around us and there are so many ways that you can re-connect to this feeling. Check out these creative self-care ideas and see if you want to give a couple a try!

  • Try cooking or creating a new recipe
  • Learn a dance routine on
  • Offer to help plan a themed party or a get-together
  • Be your own stylist and put together a new outfit
  • Take a shot at spoken word open night
  • Start reading a new book or story
  • Discover a fresh look by trying new make-up ideas
  • Re-organize your bedroom or living room furniture
  • Free-style a watercolor painting
  • Mix up your own spa products with scrubs and essentials oils
  • Sign up for singing lessons or to play a musical instrument

How do you like to use creativity to practice self-care?


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