Book Review: Like She Owns The Place

I recently read Cara Alwill Leyba‘s most recent book, Like She Owns the Place: Give Yourself the Gift of Confidence and Ignite Your Inner Magic, and I can’t wait to tell you about it.

This book is a great self-care resource if you’re looking for:

  • Affirmations and celebrations of women’s empowerment

  • Support and guidance in building your self-confidence

  • Practical and relatable tips for how to be more self-compassionate

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I picked up this book in an airport bookstore and was immediately drawn to the title (and subtitle!). In my self-care work, I am learning to lean into all that encompasses my confidence and bravery, so the title of this book instantly won me over. And in reading the first couple of pages, it didn’t take me long to pick up a copy and head to the nearest cashier.

I was familiar with the work that Cara does, as a coach, author, podcast host, content-creator and influencer in all things female empowerment. Her work and her brand relate strongly to what I need in terms of self-care and self-love. And her message, style of writing and her ways of encouraging you via text are prime self-care material.

What I love about this book:

  • Cara’s conversational and transparent use of language to tell her relatable stories

  • The “in-text” journal prompts in each chapter for you to practice self-reflection and goal-setting

  • The [incredibly] practical tips and suggestions shared to help you build your confidence

The most meaningful chapter of this book for me (and my self-care journey) was the Self-Love, Self-Sabotage and Feeling Like a FraudĀ chapter. As I’ve shared via this blog, self-sabotage, self-criticism and related themes can be difficult to pull ourselves out of. In reading Cara’s stories, advice and suggestions for emotional wellness, I felt validated and excited to push forward to become more self-compassionate.

After finishing this book, I walked away feeling more affirmed in expressing myself and my confidence. Cara’s invitation for you to give yourself the gift of confidence is a special opportunity for you to deepen your emotional wellness and tap into your courage. I definitely recommend reading this book for self-care if you too want to plan a confidence-rich life.

Have you read Like She Owns the Place?



  1. Ali, The Mindful Gardener says

    This looks like a really important read – thank you for drawing my attention to it. The confidence and bravery themes strike a chord with me at the moment as I have had a couple of opportunities and need to move forward and let my ambition show.

    • Michelle says

      Thank you Ali! I’m right there with you. I really enjoy how this book offers practical ways to build that confidence and bravery!

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