3 Self-Care Practices to Bring Into 2019

We are just one day away from the year 2019. How are you feeling about it?

During this time of year, folks are celebratingĀ and contemplating, as our societal norms and pop culture references remind us to create a list of resolutions to accomplish in the new year.

While losing weight and choosing to get rid of a bad habit are among the most popular of new year’s resolutions, beginning the new year could also be a great time to add or adapt our self-care plans.

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To get started, check out our very first blog post on how to create a self-care plan. What do you anticipate your needs will be in 2019? What self-care practices will you need for your 2019 adventures? Next, take a look at our blog post on updating your self-care plan. Do any of your current self-care practices need to be adapted? Changed? Removed?

Once you’ve done some reflecting on what your self-care needs are for the next year, take a look at these three practices that can help you on your journey to living your best life in 2019:

Strengthen your self-awareness

One self-care practice that has a huge impact on our other self-care practices is learning how to become self-aware. The awareness of self has a lot to do with becoming an expert of your feelings, reactions, ideas and perspectives. In essence, becoming self-aware is becoming an expert of yourself.

Learning things like what inspires you, what quickly drains your energy and what you need to step out of your comfort zone can better help you achieve your challenging goals and big dreams. Self-awareness will also invite you to be honest with yourself, which can take a lot of courage. Check out different ways to become self-aware by reviewing blog posts like this and this.

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Take things less personally

This is a tough one, as trying not to take things personally is difficult for most of us. Yet, we cannot deny that this way of thinking is boundlessly helpful to our emotional well-being. Try adding this ideology to your self-care practice by:

  • Remembering that every adult person has stuff that they are managing
  • Triggers are a huge component of taking things personally
  • Be mindful of your invisible luggage

Create goals all year ’round

Remember that the beginning of the year is not the only time to set new goals! Create different goals throughout the year. Know that your goals can be big, small, have a time-limit or be ongoing. Be flexible and creative with what you want to improve, start, stop or continuously keep doing. Don’t forget to reward yourself during your process of change! You deserve it!

What self-care goals do you want to bring into 2019?


  1. Ali, The Mindful Gardener says

    Your final point is a really good one: better to have some short-term small goals spread out over the year than a huge overwhelming list. I find any sort of list stressful, so avoid NY Resolutions, but I really like your gentle reminders. Keep em coming in 2019!

    • Michelle says

      I completely understand Ali! Short-term goals help me feel accomplished and focused. And of course, you got it. šŸ™‚

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