How to Create Goals with a Positive Mindset

There are many, many of us that create goals that are rooted in the “deficit”:

  • “Stop over-spending.”
  • “Don’t eat junk food.”
  • “Quit talking negatively to yourself.”

This style of goal-setting is certainly effective for some. It lists a behavior and an action for the behavior. But that’s where it stops. Creating goals from a “deficit” perspective can be limiting and its easier to get off-track because of those limits. I mean, the minute you’ve eaten a potato chip, boom! Your whole goal is now ka-put.

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When we switch up our thinking and add a little depth, direction and optimism into our goal-setting, we actually open ourselves up to more progress. Let’s call this perspective “thinking from the ‘surplus'” (Now my finance and business folks, we know this isn’t the exact meaning of surplus. Roll with me on this one.)

To create goals from a ‘surplus’ perspective, we are tapping into our positive, action-oriented and forward-thinking strategies. Think of what new habits or activities you want to accomplish, instead of just those you want to stop.

Then quantify your goal. Add a number of times or when during the week you want to work on this goal to make it more attainable. Let’s put a ‘surplus’ spin on the goals we listed above:

  • Instead of stop over-spending, how about “start budgeting by saving 10% of what I earn every two weeks.”
  • Instead of don’t eat junk food, let’s try “include more fruits and veggies into one of my meals every day.”
  • Instead of quit negative self-talk, attempt to “give myself a compliment or praise once a day.”

Using this perspective could be even more enriching to your life, as you may accomplish even more than you originally planned! Getting more specific also helps you measure your progress. Feel free to start small, then add to the original goal you have created. We are all in this together with trying to better ourselves and our lives. Set yourself up for literal and emotional success with a positive perspective.

How do you create goals with a positive mindset?

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