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3 Self-Care Practices to Bring Into 2019

We are just one day away from the year 2019. How are you feeling about it? During this time of year, folks are celebrating and contemplating, as our societal norms and pop culture references remind us to create a list of resolutions to accomplish in the new year. While losing weight and choosing ... READ the POST

How to Create Goals with a Positive Mindset

There are many, many of us that create goals that are rooted in the "deficit": "Stop over-spending." "Don't eat junk food." "Quit talking negatively to yourself." This style of goal-setting is certainly effective for some. It lists a behavior and an action for the behavior. But that's where it ... READ the POST

The Key to Managing Your Triggers

*This blog post is not intended to be a replacement or alternative for mental health care from a licensed professional. Please connect with a licensed mental health professional for support for your mental health needs.* Everybody has stuff. And when I say stuff, I mean stuff. Each adult person ... READ the POST

The Difference Between Self-Worth and Selfishness

I love breaking down the myths, assumptions and definitions of the ways that we take care of ourselves and show ourselves love. This blog post is no different! When we typically think of a selfish person, we think of a person that prioritizes their needs, and their needs alone. Selfishness means ... READ the POST