3 Self-Care Ideas for Extroverts

Bubbly. Friendly. Approachable. Social Butterfly. Life of the Party.

Yup, we’re talking about the ever-so outgoing, enthusiastic extrovert!

Folks that identify as extroverted are typically the ones in our lives that bring people together and get the party started. When thinking about how extroverts receive energy, they typically become more energetic and engaging from the external presence of being around others.

To be extroverted typically means to direct one’s mind, interests and energy outward or to things outside of self. (

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Extroverts have many strengths connected to their personality type. Extroverts:

  • Can build connections and relationships with others with more ease than most
  • Have strong skills in working with and in groups of people
  • Problem-solve through healthy discussion and communication
  • Are ambitious, engaging and encouraging in their relationships with others
  • Are less hesitant to try something new or explore something unfamiliar

With extroverts having many strengths connected to how they receive energy from others, its important to consider how self-care can look like for them. Below are 3 self-care ideas for our extroverted loved ones:

Find safe spaces to express yourself and connect to others.

With all that comes with being extroverted, you may find that a self-care need of yours is receiving attention, praise and/or admiration. Make attempts to find safe spaces where these needs can be met, such as joining a theater group, choir, musical band, acting class, or other communities where you can freely express yourself.

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Check out websites like to find like-minded communities to connect with, or get inspired to create one of your own and invite others!

Be [even more] aware of the influence of toxic, unhealthy relationships.

With extroverts’ desire to seek energy from their experiences with others, there’s a possibility that you are more likely to stay in unhealthy relationships or remain in toxic friendships out of fear of being alone. Extroverts are sometimes susceptible to being taken advantage of or being used by others due to their naturally kind spirits and eagerness to be social.

To combat this, increase your mindfulness and awareness of toxic energy and check-in with yourself around your fears of being isolated. Notice the differences between being alone or feeling lonely and take steps to protect your energy if you need to end a relationship or friendship.

Notice the differences between risk-taking and self-exploration.

With your strong interests in trying new things and facing new obstacles, reflect on if your attempts to seek challenges are ways to add to your self-exploration, or . . . if you are finding opportunities to seek thrills to fill a void or avoid a feeling.

Sometimes, risk-taking activities and behaviors can disguise themselves as self-care. In actuality, they are actions that help you avoid or deny what’s really going on inside of you. This can be hard to recognize because as an extrovert, it may feel exhausting or tiring to be introspective on a regular basis. Take care of yourself by finding ways to build your ability to be honest with your feelings and finding safe ways to manage those feelings.

What self-care ideas do you have for extroverts?





  1. Easter Brown says

    Being honestly reflective when evaluating your relationships is important. Pre-planning ways to stay safe and healthy should you find yourself in a toxic relationship can be helpful. This allows you to have a “go to” which is extremely helpful when you’re hurt and not thinking clearly.

    • Michelle says

      This is great advice Easter! Definitely thinking ahead and safety planning helps address toxic and unhealthy relationships. Thank you for sharing!

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