3 Self-Care Ideas for Introverts

The word “introvert” stems from the word “inward”.

When we think of how we receive energy, people who identify as introverted typically receive their energy from turning “inward” and recharging themselves with their own internal strengths.

Introversion is defined as the state of being wholly or predominately concerned with one’s own mental life. | PsycholoGenie.

Some stereotypes that come with this personality type include being shy, having social anxiety or becoming overwhelmed by large groups of people. These ideas are not true for all people who consider themselves introverted. Many introverts enjoy the company of their close friends and being in social spaces that are meaningful for them. It is fair to recognize that introverts do well with tapping into their inner strengths, thoughts and feelings to receive energy.

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Some unique personality traits of introverts are:

  • They are energized by solidarity
  • They enjoy learning from watching
  • They work well independently and are often self-starters

There are many affirming parts to being an introverted person and therefore, introverts are deserving of special ideas to take care of themselves. Let’s take a look at three self-care ideas for introverts:

Create a “de”-stimulation space.

People who are introverted can usually become exhausted by being over-stimulated. The hyper-arousal of intense, loud, and bright spaces can feel draining and can tap out your internalized energy. Find ways to “de-stimulate” by creating a space with dimmer lighting, soft music and privacy that you can rely on after being exposure to highly-stimulated environments.

Appreciate your ability to be self-aware.

Due to your strengths of turning inward to receive energy, there’s a strong connection between introversion and knowing yourself well. A way to appreciate this special part of you is by journaling. Write or draw what you love most about yourself or what makes you feel proud of yourself. Document what comes up for you as you notice this special part of you.

Practice setting boundaries for being alone.

Not everyone will understand your desire to just spend time with you. Self-care for you may include discovering ways to communicate to others in your life why its important for you to spend some quality time alone.

Especially in your intimate relationships and work relationships, think and practice articulating what your needs are in ways that are considerate and compassionate. It could be helpful to have these phrases pre-planned and ready-to-go when you need them. And it’s perfectly okay to turn down an offer to hang out when your energy is totally tapped out. That’s what self-care is all about.

How do you practice self-care as an introverted person?


  1. Cheyenne says

    I’m an introverted single mom, so I learned I have to create time alone to recharge. I have to prioritize working out. Even if I’m at the gym and I’m around people but it’s really my me-time where I get to focus on myself. I also sew but have to wait until my child is a sleep to do it uninterrupted, so that’s also part of my time to recharge. I’m my best when I create the time to do these things.

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