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The Difference Between Feeling Lonely & Being Alone

What happens when you are in-between intimate relationships or identify as single? How do you spend that time? What about if you are currently in a relationship, but your partner is out of town, long-distance relationship or you're experiencing a long stretch of separation? What comes up for ... READ the POST

3 Ideas to Update Your Self-Care Plan

With the concept of self-care receiving more buzz than ever before, more people are practicing routines and activities to better care for themselves. At the same time, self-care is included more in our marketing, as it is being used to promote products, services and many, many, many spa ... READ the POST

Why Standing Up for Yourself Takes Practice

On my list of first-world problems, someone hitting the back of my seat on an airplane is in the top 10. I was recently on a flight and felt a couple of shoves by the person sitting behind me. I brushed off the first couple of shoves as her getting settled into her seat. But 30 minutes into the ... READ the POST