The Key to a Long-Distance Friendship

Our friends are our chosen family. Making and sustaining close relationships with people that we love is a fulfilling and special part of our lives. Our friends know who we truly are, accept our flaws and have shared memories, experiences and moments that enrich our lives together. In this day in age, healthy and strong…

How to Work Productively with an Office Bully

Bullying has become a much more discussed and reviewed topic in recent months. Specifically, bullying in schools amongst children has been highlighted as a major issue in child trauma and development. There is no shortage of toxic, abusive and bullying behaviors happening in other settings as well, specifically with adults in the workplace. People who…

‘Create Your Daily Self-Care Plan’ Template

Sometimes, we need extra support for how we are feeling in the current moment or to help guide us on the day-by-day. Download this free template to create a self-care plan to help you take care of yourself today. Download the template here!

3 Ways to Organize Anxious Thoughts

Nervousness always kicks in for me before trying something new. Whether I’m starting something brand new or participating in an activity that I’ve never done before, I. get. nervous. Recently, I drove to a new restaurant to meet up with some friends in the city. Even with all of the GPS prompts in the world,…

4 Reasons Why Conflict Can Be a Good Thing

Argument. Disagreement. Fight. Debate. Whichever word you choose to use, conflict shows up in nearly all of our relationships. Conflict can stem from a misunderstanding, a miscommunication, dishonesty or boundary-issues. Conflict can be caused by one action or series of actions that leads to one or all people in the relationship feeling well . ….