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How to Heal from Self-Sabotage

Maintaining an exercise routine has always been a challenge for me. I'm quick to make an excuse to avoid the gym and I'm not a fan of running unless I'm being chased. I know that working out consistently will not only give me physically-pleasing results, but the act of caring for my body in an ... READ the POST

The First Step in Creating Healthy Boundaries

Building healthy boundaries in relationships is hard work. Recognizing your boundaries, creating space to establish them and maintaining the boundaries you have put in place is a process that requires attention, energy and an abundance of self-awareness. Especially when maintaining healthy ... READ the POST

3 Ways to Create Your Self-Care Plan

When you think of self-care, what comes to mind? If you thought of going into a downward dog, eating a bowl full of kale and waking up to meditate, you're not alone. While healthy eating and physical exercise are helpful practices when taking care of yourself, let's look into the self-care basics ... READ the POST